8 Ways to know it’s really time to leave your job

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It’s important to learn how to be sure it’s your job and not you standing in your way of success.

What do you remember about the first real job you had?

My first job was not really a paid job at all. It was a volunteer position in a local hospital where I worked diligently to impress people so I could use that opportunity to get me my real first job.

You might have a story like this as well. I could hardly wait until I was old enough to offer my services as a “Candy striper” (named because of…

How to return to the childlike confidence we need now more than ever.

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I think I was around 5 when the inevitable happened. I perched up on my grandmother’s grand bed and put my arms out to the side and tried to fly. I really wanted to see how far I could go.

About 3 feet down is a good estimate.

My cousin Danny didn’t fare as well as I did. He stacked phone books on top of a small dresser to give him added height. …

Have we become tolerant of the mediocrity of doing business today?

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“I drove over here because I have been on hold for 23 minutes and you are actually just 18 minutes away so I thought I’d come over and see who I was actually waiting on hold for.”

This was an actual conversation my husband had with a person in a big box store after he had placed a call asking about a particular product.

He was put on hold when he finally did reach someone in customer service but that wasn’t before being transferred twice by the automated phone system only to be hung up on…twice!

He actually was still…

The real reasons why your entrepreneurial adventure might be lost at sea

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Entrepreneurs are some of the most enthusiastic people you may ever meet. They are excited when they first think of a business idea, driven when they are working on plans to launch their idea, and over the moon when they finally open their business,

They are enthusiastic that is until their entrepreneurial ship doesn’t arrive.

That expression,“ my ship has come in”, typically was used to infer that taking a risk was over, the cargo had arrived and now pay for the goods aboard could commence.

It’s a great feeling for a business owner to finally realize that his/her ship…

Why a simple slogan could make all the difference in our success.

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Is your life chronically hitting the snooze button?

Are you perpetually in “tomorrow” mode?

“Just Do It” is the infamous Nike slogan; a slogan the sports company has used for ages to encourage people to simply get out and start getting some physical exercise.

Whether you want to win a marathon or simply manage to walk to your mailbox, you have to start somewhere.

That’s true of any goal we have.

Starting is critical or all we have is an idea, a dream, a plan.

Most people don’t even need to be told this however it is the most crucial…

Why no one has the right to determine how your future will turn out

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Lucy was sobbing before she could even manage, “hello”.

“This is the 3rd job I’ve been laid off from in two years and my parents think I’m a loser since I dropped out of school,” she informed me during our phone consult.

The truth was Lucy (not her real name)was not a loser, she just didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life but she was smart enough to know racking up college loans and pretending she knew her path was not the answer.

Disappointed by the choices their daughter made, Lucy’s parents already had her pegged as…

A not so funny story about working and aging in America

If you were born in the ’60s your average life expectancy was 69.2 years. A baby born in the 1970s had a life expectancy of between 70.83 and 73.47 years and one born in the past decade can easily expect to live to be 100!

Your life expectancy of course depends on your gender, race, and health, and numerous other factors, but regardless, living an extra 30 to 40 years than once expected just a half-century ago sounds awesome, or does it?

The aging workforce (those over 65) has tripled in the last 30 years and quadrupled for those 75…

Is there post-pandemic greed we all crave?


It’s been a year since I went into lockdown. I get it. I get the need to stop the spread and believe in doing my part, but I am two vaccines down now and feeling a bit bulletproof, and I realize now I want it all.

I want to go into a restaurant and spend time enjoying the meal.

I want to meet friends at lunch and catch up and laugh.

I want to be mask-free and be able to breathe again whenever I am walking through a mall. Yes, I want to…

Why connecting on social media can be frustrating

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Animals seem to instinctively know if other animals will be a friend or foe.

And once children are out of their “it’s all about me” phase they seem to make friends with ease and often without expectations.

But, adults, well adults have so many more issues surrounding friendships and all have become glaringly more obvious especially since this Pandemic.

Adults have experienced years of friendships that have come and gone and often have somewhat skewed perceptions about what friendships should be like.

As adults, most of our friendships likely have roots in common interests with others. We may make our…

How to jump to fewer conclusions by making better decisions

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In the Space Program, NASA has a term for deciding when a space mission is to take off or to abandon the launch.

It is referred to as the “Go, No-go” decision, and once made, it is final until the next decision is on the table.

The military uses the same terms, “Go” means things are functioning properly, while “No-go” means they are not and intervention is needed.

It’s critical for both NASA and the Military to know that they have made an appropriate and concise decision, but it's just as critical for everyone who makes decisions to have that…

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