How to return to the childlike confidence we need now more than ever.

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I think I was around 5 when the inevitable happened. I perched up on my grandmother’s grand bed and put my arms out to the side and tried to fly. I really wanted to see how far I could go.

About 3 feet down is a good estimate.

My cousin Danny didn’t fare as well as I did. He stacked phone books on top of a small dresser to give him added height. …

How to jump to fewer conclusions by making better decisions

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In the Space Program, NASA has a term for deciding when a space mission is to take off or to abandon the launch.

It is referred to as the “Go, No-go” decision, and once made, it is final until the next decision is on the table.

The military uses the same terms, “Go” means things are functioning properly, while “No-go” means they are not and intervention is needed.

It’s critical for both NASA and the Military to know that they have made an appropriate and concise decision, but it's just as critical for everyone who makes decisions to have that…

Sometimes embracing the skewed and unfamiliar is a very good idea!

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Image by C MG from Pixabay

This past October, a friend of mine shared how her family was going to celebrate her mother’s 80th birthday which was on Halloween. Since she is in a facility where no visitors were allowed, they met virtually but included an entire slate of activities to make it memorable.

Her family enlisted the help of a staff member who assisted her mom in a virtual pumpkin carving activity. Then a network of her local grandchildren dressed up and paraded around her window in the facility. …

Being proactive about your future might be the most critical decision you ever make.

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Museums Victoria on Unsplash

I coach Entrepreneurs and Business owners about how to grow successful businesses and I never have felt more passionate about urging people to develop a PLAN B for their work lives than I do at this moment!

We have lived through a year of business turmoil and change. Even large corporations have felt the effects of the Pandemic and grappled with how to change in order to survive successfully.

If corporations must recognize how to circumvent inevitable barriers, you certainly should be prepared in your own life to begin to make changes that will help you continue on the road…

What we never thought would happen here has really always happened here.

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Perhaps when you were younger, your parents reflected on all the changes happening in the world. Women were getting degrees instead of just being wives and mothers. Russia was going to bury us and there was this new thing called a “microwave” that would cook your food faster than you could blink!

There were banned books, banned speech, and burned bras.

But that was way back when your parents were younger.

What about when you were younger?

There were Civil Rights marches and counter-culture gatherings in fields to listen to Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. …

How Social Media is Pulling an Orson Welles on our lives

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Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

It was over 80 years ago when Orson Welles broadcasted the incredible War of the Worlds about an alien invasion. Many people heard and totally believed the world was being invaded! This broadcast presented to the world a true mass hysteria.

But 80 years ago, when panic ensued over this fictitious account of alien invasion, there were fewer media outlets. There was no news at your fingertips and no instant commentary from others who were part of the hysteria.

The FCC investigated but found no laws broken by Welles. …

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photo by Leonardo Iheme on Unsplash

In 1973, Mildred Newman, a psychologist along with her husband Bernard Berkowitz, a psychologist and psychiatrist authored the best-selling book, How to Be Your Own Best Friend, a short book that shared practical applications about how to really love yourself.

How to be your own best Zen should also be embraced as a lesson in learning how to be more intuitive and natural about doing what you know is the best for you.

Zen is sometimes described as the practice of coming back to the actual “right-now in-this-moment self,” in which one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than by…

(Did 2020 give you a perspective you never realized you needed?)

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Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

We can’t get out of 2020 fast enough and yet it might have just been the best year of our lives!

My friend Barbara is so done! She is done with just about everything this year has thrown at her.

Barbara is getting over COVID. But that really wasn’t a big deal for her although it was the icing on the cake of a year fraught with so many frustrations it just added to her misery.

Earlier this year, Barbara was “T-Boned” by a driver while visiting her daughter in New England. She spent several weeks in the hospital with…

You can change the outcome.

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Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

The high rollers at casinos know the tricks of the trade. Anyone who has ever watched the World Series of Poker knows it takes more than luck to really hit the jackpots.

Gambling is an art but not necessarily treated that way by everyone who gambles. There are all kinds of tactics and strategies for winning at everything from the Craps tables to the Slot machines and more.

But you don’t have to go into a casino to gamble aspects of your life away. People do it daily, sometimes unintentionally.

Lance Armstrong, Tonya Harding, Marion Jones, and Tiger Woods all…

It’s not just mid-life career changers who are re-creating their future

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Photo by Vale Zmeykov on Unsplash

What is an Encorepreneur? The Urban Dictionary defines an Encorepreneur as “ a person nearing retirement and undertaking a new venture.

Just a few months back, the term Encorepreneur might have been used to describe people who were abandoning a career they may have had for decades to pursue a business or passion. Most likely these people were either burned out, furloughed, or simply ready to move on into another way to earn an income stream but not ready for retirement.

That has certainly changed now. The economic fallout…

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Entrepreneur/Business Coach, People Watcher, Firestarter. Create your encore career and go from Burned Out to Fired Up!

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