Do you wish your career plate had a few more palatable options?

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Your grandparents may have felt quite comfortable finding a way to earn a living and sticking to it for all of their working years, but today’s workforce needs more moxie about how to bring home a paycheck.

While college is not obsolete, it has become an alternative less likely to be chosen for achieving the American Dream.

Depending on a sheepskin to earn a living has disillusioned many graduates who discover they’re still working at minimum wage jobs, living with parents while waiting for that career opportunity to arrive.

What are some alternatives to the basic “job” choice?

Well, you can do contract work piecemeal for places like Fiverr…

8 Ways to know it’s really time to leave your job

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It’s important to learn how to be sure it’s your job and not you standing in your way of success.

What do you remember about the first real job you had?

My first job was not really a paid job at all. It was a volunteer position in a local hospital where I worked diligently to impress people so I could use that opportunity to get me my real first job.

You might have a story like this as well. I could hardly wait until I was old enough to offer my services as a “Candy striper” (named because of…

How to return to the childlike confidence we need now more than ever.

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I think I was around 5 when the inevitable happened. I perched up on my grandmother’s grand bed and put my arms out to the side and tried to fly. I really wanted to see how far I could go.

About 3 feet down is a good estimate.

My cousin Danny didn’t fare as well as I did. He stacked phone books on top of a small dresser to give him added height. …

Why you will need a good coach when you’re really ready to play the big game?

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One of my friends in college was a rather plain Jane co-ed until she opened her mouth to sing. Then she became an angel, well almost.

Her impeccable voice demonstrated her talent, but it took a coach to turn her into the beauty with a skill who became 2nd runner up in a Miss America Pagent.

My claim to fame was that she was my sorority sister!

Andre Agassi moved from being ranked the 126th best tennis player in the world to number one with the help of his coach despite the fact that he really did not enjoy playing…

Coaching is far more than just listening and advising

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These are my dogs. They know I work from home but that doesn’t mean they know not to bark in the middle of a consult or not to make that awful “I am going to throw up” noise during a live presentation.

It happens, more often than I can control. I’ve learned there is a lot you can’t control about coaching.

I could rent office space but really why would I?

A fancy space wouldn’t change how I coach and would only mean I had to pay rent and put on shoes. …

A guide to step up your marketing and get some recognition

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In 2015, one of my clients( I’ll call him Phil) came to me totally frustrated with the direction his business was headed. He had a great product but he was struggling to get clients interested.

One of the first things I realized after our complimentary consult was that had I not talked with him, I would never have comprehended what he had to sell me from his website.

His confusing language, inefficient sales page, and unclear description of his product and services certainly were not helping anyone discover him.

There is no doubt that businesses need visibility and a website…

Why and how we sabotage the best for ourselves

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Bobby McFerrin wrote the song, “Don’t Worry be Happy”, after seeing the phrase on a poster of the Indian guru, Meher Baba. He simply thought the words had a “pretty neat philosophy.”

Although critics have also claimed the lyrics to be about people with a Pollyanna or less than serious take on life, the song clearly indicates one of the eight behaviors that rob us of happiness.

Let’s look at all of them.

  1. Worry

Everyone knows worry can cause physical ailments just by the added stress it produces, but it also…

Why you should evaluate yourself even if you are your own boss.

Credit: busracavus

Let’s face it. Most entrepreneurs would be very hard-pressed to give ourselves negative reviews when it comes to our job performance and yet our transparency might just be the turning point in our business!

Turning points can be good or bad depending on what we assess, but either way, one of the best things you can do for your business is to take advantage of doing an annual review from the employer’s standpoint.

I get you may find it difficult to be truly blatant about your shortcomings or your wild success, but let’s look at some clear ways to determine…

Have we become tolerant of the mediocrity of doing business today?

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“I drove over here because I have been on hold for 23 minutes and you are actually just 18 minutes away so I thought I’d come over and see who I was actually waiting on hold for.”

This was an actual conversation my husband had with a person in a big box store after he had placed a call asking about a particular product.

He was put on hold when he finally did reach someone in customer service but that wasn’t before being transferred twice by the automated phone system only to be hung up on…twice!

He actually was still…

The real reasons why your entrepreneurial adventure might be lost at sea

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Entrepreneurs are some of the most enthusiastic people you may ever meet. They are excited when they first think of a business idea, driven when they are working on plans to launch their idea, and over the moon when they finally open their business,

They are enthusiastic that is until their entrepreneurial ship doesn’t arrive.

That expression,“ my ship has come in”, typically was used to infer that taking a risk was over, the cargo had arrived and now pay for the goods aboard could commence.

It’s a great feeling for a business owner to finally realize that his/her ship…

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