Getting Paid to Die Slowly

People are paid for all kinds of reasons but choosing to earn money for a job that is killing you seems just ludicrous, yet people do it all the time.

I often meet people who have accepting a paycheck working in an area that is slowly killing them, professionally and physically. They are miserable with what they have to do to earn that paycheck and more miserable dealing with all the physical ailments they have faced as a result of their job.

Sounds crazy, right? I know. But, people are always telling me they have to earn their living somehow. I actually talked with a guy several weeks ago who told me he did not think he could find work which would pay him the salary he earns now anywhere else, despite the fact that he already was taking medication for a heart condition, prescription drugs to help him sleep and was working nearly 60 hours a week just to earn the income.

Come on, people. Everyone needs to make money but no one should settle for selling his/her soul to do so, much less your body, heart and spirit.

I know you have bills to pay and commitments to keep but honestly choosing to remain in a job that is costing you your physical, emotional and mental health is suicide.

Maybe you haven’t even realized what working in this environment has already done but here are 6 ways to tell if your job comes with a professional hitman

  1. You start to dread your work as each hour gets closer to having you show up. Work that causes you to become anxious, miserable or despondent can have a long term negative effect on your physical well being.
  2. You feel as though you are invisible at work. You are seldom praised, rewarded, given encouragement or support in the work you do.
  3. You compromise your own values and beliefs in order to do your work. This type of behavior can cause both your mental and emotional state to become irrational or disheartened.
  4. You feel trapped in your career circumstance. You cannot find a clear way out of your current situation to be able to move to more satisfying work. Anytime you feel trapped their is always anxiety and upheaval.
  5. Vacations, holidays and time off really don’t refresh you. Constantly feeling under professional pressure is a time bomb that will sooner or later explode.
  6. “Someday” is a mantra. You tell yourself someday you won’t have to work so hard, so long, for such poor wages, or for such an undeserving boss. If you have been saying, “someday” for more than a year, you already have some detrimental cards in your hand you have to discard if you ever want to think about winning the game.

So, do any of these sound like you? Are you dreading Monday by mid-day Sunday or worse by Saturday morning? Have you found yourself less healthy because of what your job requires? Do you avoid talking to anyone about your job, or worse complain about it all the time?

Have you compromised your family or friend time because of your job?

Is the joy of what you wanted to do with your life smothered because of the burden of what you have to do to survive?

Do you often feel disillusioned, unappreciated, unfulfilled or just plain miserable working?

Remaining in a negative circumstance for any significant length of time can dramatically take a toll of people.

Research has also shown that job insecurity, long hours, heavy demands at work and other stresses can also cut down on a worker’s life expectancy by taking a heavy toll on a worker’s health. The Washington Post

Money may be necessary to survive but if what you’re doing is slowly killing you it seems to be a cruel reward.

Most people think time will change their circumstance but without a plan, time often does little more than add to the moments they perish at their work.

If you are not enjoying your work. If you feel stuck in a rut and know your job is causing you to sacrifice more than your time for the money, let’s talk.

I help people move from day jobs to Dream Work every day. I know how to develop a strategy that can save you from a slow and miserable professional death.

If you don’t take advantage of a 45 minute Complimentary Call to see if we can come up with some ways to change your work life, then maybe I am wrong and you like the slow torture of making a living doing what you hate.

Everybody’s got a goal. Professional death shouldn’t be one of them.



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Kathy Brunner

Kathy Brunner

Entrepreneur/Business Coach, People Watcher, Firestarter. Create your encore career and go from Burned Out to Fired Up!