Having a Fling or Really Making a Commitment?


After giving a presentation to a group of business owners last week, I was not surprised to find that some entrepreneurs attending had thriving, prosperous businesses while others were struggling just to make ends meet.

There are a few obvious red flags that separate the successes from the ones struggling and if you are an entrepreneur, it might be helpful to know what those are.


  1. You are all talk and no action. You talk about what you want your business to be rather than taking the steps to get it there.

When you are trying to build a business, one of the best pieces of advice I can offer is to make a definite commitment to invest in yourself and build your business with the best tools possible.

Sure, there is nothing wrong with getting some information from a few webinars or free trainings, but it is unrealistic to think you can build a successful business without some specific authority based instruction. That would be like saying it would be possible to build a beautiful home with little to no expertise or professional advice.

If you wouldn’t build a house without specific knowledge in structural engineering, architecture and construction, why would you even imagine you can build a business without the right skills?

Businesses handled like a fling, often don’t know where or when their next client will be coming. Like a fling that has no definite plans or expectations for the future, hoping and wishing for more clients is just like spinning a roulette wheel wishing for some luck.

Great businesses aren’t lucky, they are vehicles that have developed plans and strategies to move in the right direction.

When people tell me they will get a coach when they are more successful, what I really hear is, “When I reach the pinnacle of my success, I will be able to afford it”. But, many people don’t reach that pinnacle ever, because they never sought the services of experts who could help them reduce that learning curve significantly and get there with far fewer scars.

Waiting until you are more successful to get a coach is like waiting until you are terminal to call a doctor.

Great businesses know where their clients are coming from, have successful marketing strategies and consequently have the ability to predict income. Great business owners seek help from those who are experts in their field and continue to grow with the help of coaches who keep them accountable and offer strategies and suggestions which go far beyond a Google search or free webinar.

Owning a business is a huge commitment. Treating it like anything less diminishes its worth and sabotages its growth.

If the business you started has become more like a fling than a true commitment,if it feels like you are stuck in an expensive hobby instead of a growing financial enterprise, if you feel like you are not taking your business as seriously as you should be, then it’s time.

It’s time to decide if you want a fling that offers no assurance that it will be around tomorrow or the next day or if you really want to be a business owner and are committed to doing whatever it takes to make that business work.

Flings can be fun, tempting and whimsical. They require little thought, planning or follow-up. They are temporary and often costly in the long run.

Commitments require responsibility, hard word and strategy. They are based on dedication and the desire to move into the future.

You just have to ask:
” Do I want to do what I love and make it last, or simply do what I do and see what happens?”

If you are ready to work with a coach who can help you move your dreams into a business that grows, lasts and works forever, you can sign up for the COMPLIMENTARY CONSULT and yes, that 30 minutes might seem like a Fling, and maybe like many other successful entrepreneurs, you’ll choose a more committed model.

Either way, A Fling or a Commitment is up to you!



Entrepreneur/Business Coach, People Watcher, Firestarter. Create your encore career and go from Burned Out to Fired Up! https://kathybrunner.com

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Kathy Brunner

Entrepreneur/Business Coach, People Watcher, Firestarter. Create your encore career and go from Burned Out to Fired Up! https://kathybrunner.com