How to Air Traffic Control Your Life

If you know anyone who works in air traffic control, you know their job is critical to helping people who fly aircraft.They are like crossing guards on uber-steroids.Keeping hundreds of planes from moving into oncoming aircraft space can seem mindboggling and somewhat unmanageable and yet, people the world over say that airline travel has become safer with each passing day.

The control panel in the picture can look overwhelming and confusing. Pushing the wrong button can be deadly. That’s where the air traffic controller’s skills can come in.

Sometimes life can look a bit like that.

When you stop and think about it, most people have the privilege of being the air traffic controlers of their life, but often we might not assume that right.

Certainly you can’t control the weather, who you are related to or what the traffic might be, but you can be the air traffic controller for the countless options you have in you life on a daily basis.

You can do that at first by simply deciding what thoughts you will choose to dwell on.You can re-route thoughts that impede your success or even extinguish those which add negativism into your day.

Sometimes people choose to do this by limiting what type of social media they permit into their space.They make a conscientious decision not to let their day be influenced by the opinions of others or the barrage of news which often puts a damper on even the most positive person.

When I work with clients who are their own worst enemy, often they have a mindset that sabotages their efforts.One of the first things I do is give them strategies for reducing and even eliminating the mindsets that have so often determined where they end up even with the best of their intentions.

You have to be the air traffic controller of your mind if you don’t want to end up derailed on a regular basis.

It sounds easy, but it really isn’t.

It’s far easier to let the day just unwind and settle for what happens and yet many times we end up in places we never intended to be and in situations we never thought we would be dealing with, because we didn’t choose when we had the chance; we didn’t decide when we were given an option and we didn’t re-route the nay-sayers when they derailed our plans.

Think about how many times you made decisions just to make other people happy.Keeping the peace often becomes an excuse for why people stay in situations where they are truly unhappy.

Whether you are unhappy because you didn’t choose the restaurant you could have eaten at when given a chance or didn’t take the career route you wished for because you felt compelled to follow tradition, you permitted something or someone to get in the way of the journey you wanted to take.

If you want something that matters to you, you have to decide how to make the choices and create the paths to make it happen.

You must decide what you will let into your mindset, who you will permit to direct your destination.You must choose how and even whether you react to a particular barrier.You need to know when to re-route to move around the obstacles or when to turn around and take a different direction.

Life is not just random.You have more control of whether you end up where you want to be or settle for something you never expected than you might think you have.

Lack of planning and making decisions good for you might have cost you ending up in destinations you had no interest in visiting but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Your thoughts are your thoughts.Your choices are your choices and your journey is your journey.To get where you want to be, you have to make sure the person directing your destination has your best interest in mind.

You can’t control some things but you most certainly can control what you think about, what you react to, who you permit into your life and the direction you want your life to go.

Stop putting your journey into someone else’s hands who really cares more about where they are going than whether you reach the destination you hoped for.

When it’s time for a choice, make it. When you know a decision is called for decide.When you don’t like where you are headed, plan a different direction and when you need to remove an obstacle, work towards its elimination.

Pick up the controls and learn how to be the air traffic controller of your life or you can end up the victim of a self sabotaging accident you actually caused.

Kathy is a coach for people who want to move from day jobs and become entrepreneurs.She has helped many people start side incomes and new businesses, finally doing dream work they once only imagined. Have a idea for a business or wonder how she can help you jump start your dream?

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