You might live under a rock if you live in the United States and haven’t heard about the recent College Bowl games or Professional Football Playoffs.

It’s the season to discover who really is the best of the best. Sometimes the outcome is expected and sometimes a surprise wildcard shakes up the whole scenario. That’s what makes these games interesting.

Bet you never thought of your work as your playoff game but it really is, even if you absolutely hate every aspect of it.

Let’s face it. Most people work to make money so they afford the things they want in life. Whether you love or hate your job, chances are you are in it because you have responsibilities that require you to earn income.

It’s 2019 and here you are once again going through the motions of starting another year at work.Now for some, work means a satisfying time spent doing something you enjoy to make the income you need.

Yet a recent article in INC. Magazine indicated that nearly 70% of individuals are unhappy about their career choice. 70%!!! (If you’re the parent of a college student that statistic should make you very unconfortable and if you are the college student, that should make you wonder if another semester is really even worth it!)

The truth is, it’s hard to know how we will feel in our 40’s or 50’s about the career we train for in our 20’s. Situations change, every job is different, job security is scarce and a 40 hour work week is nearly unheard of.

Employers expect more for less and there is no guarantee your degree will move you forward, in fact there are some statistics that indicate the highest degree professional may be the first to be axed when employers are looking to trim costs.

So, what does this all mean for you?

Well, if you are secure and happy doing what you do for a living don’t bother reading another sentence. You’re in that rare 30% and I highly recommend you celebrate that victory.

But for the remaining 70%, the ball is in your court, so to speak and you need to realize you’re in the playoff game of your life.

If you want to change how you feel about your job, you need to play this game as though your life depends on it, because it does. People who dislike their jobs have higher rates of divorce, suicide, and mental disorders. In addition, when our work does not fulfill us, we experience stress and an increase in health related disorders.

Some people will just hear this and roll over and give the victory to “the man”. They will continue to suffer physically and emotionally because they don’t think they can win. They feel defeated before they even suit up or warm up.

It’s easier to choose to lose than fight to win.

Maybe you’re that person. Maybe you think nothing will ever change in your job. In your heart you want to change the outcome and be the victor, but you feel overwhelmed at what it takes to win this battle.

Every year, do you work your tail off thinking this year will be different only to find yourself staring at the same results a the year’s end?

Playoffs are hard. Teams just want to get to the next level.Sometimes the fight is dirty and unfair, but if you want to be the one who finally gets the ultimate victory, you have to play like you have never played before.

I have worked with many people who are looking to change the way they earn their income and it takes consistency and commitment to win the career playoff game.


If you are tired of being frustrated, unappreciated or unfulfilled at your job, you need to do FOUR things to ever have any hope of changing that outcome.

  1. KNOW WHEN THE PLAYOFFS ARE. Stop treating each day you work as just another day. Pull out your calendar and determine WHEN you want to schedule your playoff. You can’t be victorious if you don’t know your schedule. Commit to a day when you will be able to walk away from your current scenario and do what you really want to do. Anything less and you are just playing in a fantasy league.
  2. HAVE AN ACTION PLAN. No team goes into a playoff game without practice, strategy and every resource available to assist in a win. Dawdling, Dabbling and Delaying means you have no plan and no reason to believe you are going to be successful
  3. FOCUS ON WHAT YOUR COACH SAYS. Don’t have a coach? Imagine any athlete trying to win a major game without a coach? A coach can help you create your action plan. A coach will hold you accountable for when your playoff is scheduled and a coach will help you develop the strategies and techniques to be victorious.
  4. PLAY LIKE YOU MEAN IT. Playing for a victory requires playing with heart and soul. Talking about what you will do someday or how you will be successful in the future will not earn any points.

Earning your income doing what you want and love to do is not a spectator sport. Too many people who are unhappy at what they do fail to treat their job as a game they can win.

You can either stay stuck in a career you dislike or create a plan to change the way the game ends.

Without determining a date for victory, developing an action plan, learning strategies and a techniques that get you there and playing with your heart and soul, you’re at a major disadvantage. Like a team playing with a 3rd string quarterback, your best shot at success depends on luck.

I see it every year at this time. People who say this is the last year they will earn their income doing work that they dislike, but every year the percent of people who are unhappy with their jobs seems to grow.

You have two choices. Play like you always have and lose or learn how to play to win and finally work doing what you love.

It’s possible. I work with people everyday who made the decision to play to win.

You need to earn a living but if it costs you a life, you don’t really come out ahead.

It’s 2019. Remember when you said last year that next year would be different? It’s next year. If you’ve been on the losing end, maybe you need a different game plan.

It’s the playoff of your life, not your neighbor’s, your friend’s, your parent’s or your colleague’s.

Breaking even is not winning. It’s staying where you are because you can’t gain enough momentum to change the game in your favor.

Schedule a 45 minute Complimentary Consult and this year WILL BE DIFFERENT.

What do you have to lose? Oh yeah, the playoff game of your career!

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